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Originally from The Netherlands, where I trained and worked as a Speech and Language Therapist, I have now lived in Wells for over 20 years with my family. I love the Somerset hills with the spectacular views which I believe have opened my eyes to new perspectives, including new ideas about health.

A long term sufferer of allergies for which I used to have conventional medical treatment, I decided one day to try an alternative approach. Homeopathy worked fast with great results and had a tremendous impact on my life. This first-hand experience of the power of homeopathy inspired me to study classical homeopathy at The School of Homeopathy. I like the holistic and dynamic approach to health and wellbeing and am thrilled by the possibilities it offers.

At my practice 'Homeopathy Wells' I see people of all ages with a broad variety of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It is a safe and confidential setting where clients can expect treatment in line with the standards of the Society of Homeopaths.

I am also a mentor for The School of Homeopathy and a trustee of the national charity Homeopathy Action Trust.

My motto: finding the source

I chose this motto because it has an affinity with homeopathy as well as with the water of Wells and, above all, it is the guiding principle in how I practise.

I believe that true healing is more than removing symptoms; it is the removal of the cause of the symptoms. Therefore in my practice I focus on finding the underlying source of a person’s disease. When addressing the issue at source level, the body's natural system of healing is triggered at its deepest point.

The consultation can be similar to a walk upstream along a winding river. In my attempt to discover the source, I may ask questions that seemingly have nothing to do with the presenting symptoms, but in the meantime the answers help me to build up a picture of the disease process inside and to get to know you a bit better. This is essential for choosing a remedy that suits you and your inidividual circumstances best.

Expertise as a Speech and Language Therapist

In my previous career as a Speech and Language Therapist I worked with children, teenagers and adults in a range of settings, including primary and special schools, a psychiatric hospital, rehabilitation centres (mainly stroke patients) and in a private practice. Thanks to this background I am especially aware of the importance of communication with regards to health and I try to devote this expertise successfully in my new challenge of ‘finding the source’.

In my practice I welcome people with all sorts of conditions, but I like to extend an especially warm welcome to those of you who deal with problems involving speech, language, voice or hearing.

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